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Are you looking for affordable bookkeeping solutions for your small business, as a 1099 worker or independent contractor? 718 Tax & Financial Services found an option to fit your needs with Hurdlr. All you have to do as the business owner, 1099 worker or independent contractor is to sign up for Hurdlr Pro which invites us at 718 access to view your reports that include Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Schedule C items and most importantly Tax Details for tax preparation at year end. Try out the free trial to get the feel.  Visit our Useful Info Tab to find out more about Hurdlr and HurdlrPro options.  Once you decide, let us know so we can add you to our Accountant Dashboard. See more information at Hurdlr

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Basic - Free

This option is great for that part-time entrepreneur or side gig person to track expenses and mileage.

See Hurdlr for more options

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Your Hurdlr subscription is tax deductible!

As a small business owner or Schedule C (1099 or independent contractor), any of the above are affordable options in order to have easy bookkeeping solutions and take the headache of keeping up with receipts.

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Standard - Premium

This option is great for expense and mileage tracking with auto expense/income for Uber or Lyft drivers. If you need real-time calculations See Hurdlr for more info

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Expert - Pro 

This option gives 718 the option for you, the business owner, 1099 worker or independent contractor to grant us access to view your reports (P&L, Balance Sheet, etc.)  All the options with Standard - Premium. Do you need to invoice customers? You can do that too! See Hurdlr for affordable pricing. 

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If you are interested in our bookkeeping solutions with                                                let us know by sending us an email to add you to our Accountant Dashboard.

Hurdlr Logo. they are our bookkeeping partner if you decide to sign up for our bookkeeping solution.

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